Scuba diving & teaching – how it can enable your sales career


picture teaching scuba divingWhat does scuba diving, teaching and your sales career have in common?

At first, they’re not really linked, a priori.  That’s what I used to think until I experienced the journey myself.  Becoming a teacher, and a scuba diving one at that, had a profound impact on my sales career that I hadn’t realised until many years later.

Lets start, Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving is a very safe sport.  Chances of mortality are 1 death in 34,000 divers.  To put this in perspective, driving has a 1 in 6700 chance and canoeing a 1 in 10,000.  There is a caveat, its safe as long as you practice common sense and follow the rules.  The rules are simple: never hold your breathstay within the limits you are comfortable withtake your time, and never shoot to the surface.  Sounds simple right?

Scuba diving brings you into a whole new world. No longer the top of the food chain, humans are out of their element in the water.  Using articifical means to remain alive, in neutral buoyancy, lacking the ability to speak, walk…. all this makes for a challenging environment that you have to learn to adapt to survive.  But this strange and silent new world also has all the thrills of discovery and adventure one could hope for!

Secondly, Teaching:

Being an avid diver myself, I have enjoyed Jacque Cousteau’s “world of silence” since the young age 10, with my first dives in beautiful turquoise waters of Cancun, Mexico.  About 6 years ago I decided to challenge myself and do the final step: become an awe inspiring instructor. The pinnacle of diving leadership!

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