Enhancing your business skills!


enhancing your skills continue studying

Today, continuously enhancing your business skills is a necessity. Thinking that simply having a Bachelors, maybe an MBA and just maybe a specialisation, is enough – might just lure into a false sense of security!  What used to be a feat in itself – compared to our parents time – recently is just one of the many steps you should be considering in your educational goals.

Specialising yourself can be costly and not necessarily within your financial reach. Consider a PMP certification can costs a minimum of $500 upto $3000!

 But this is not the only way today!

I am keenly aware that if I want to keep a competitive edge in the job market place, I need to keep enhancing my business skills and keep pushing my boundaries….but I didn’t feel like forking out an arm and a leg to do so.  Especially when a lot of information you need is so easily accessible out there.  ….And a little over a year ago, I’ve stumbled onto MOOCs!  Well  I knew about them before – I just didnt find any relevant courses for my field of interest.

MOOC – Massive Open Online Courses – is a growing trend of self-education, exploding since about 2012.   Courses are offered from expansive selection from universities worldwide, including Stanford, MIT, ESSEC.  They offer anyone of any age, background or heritage access to a wide range of course of all fields of study.

In 2014, a review MOOC courses highlights the following:

  • 16-18 million students are currently subscribed online, following:
  • 2400+ courses are available, provided by:
  • 400+ universities

The initial purpose is to freely audit the courses, so that you could, at your own pace or if the course required it, to follow a specific time frame to engage with other students.

Recent improvements to their offerings has been the ability to get ‘Certifications’ online to prove your attendance, for a fee of course.  Fees through this medium through range more towards $50-80 mark per course, with 4-6 course per certification.  Something a bit more attainable – that is if you feel the need to get a certification. Free attendance is still a possibility.

This education channel is a clear opportunity (for the moment) in enhancing your business skills, by either up-skilling or cross-skilling.  Your goal can either be to make yourself more marketable or simply the desire to learn something new – now is the time to enjoy the benefits they can offer your career.

At the time of writing this I am auditing 3 specialisations from MOOC platform Coursera.Org

So far I have completed 1 course from each (1 month per course) and have already engaged myself onto their second modules.  Each specialisation has about 4 courses – so in total of 4 months of study requiring about 2 hours for each course per week.  Something relatively do-able in evenings and weekends.

The tough part is keeping up as each the lectures and quizzes that need to be completed on a weekly basis – something that is challenging when my working week can sometimes be really hectic – and studying when I get home is LAST thing I want to do.

But the reward is what I’m keeping my mind on! Increased marketability! So keeping focused and engaged is a priority I am working.  I will keep you posted if I make to the end of each completed specialisation.

Some other MOOC that you can consider

A full list is available from wikipedia