Tips on writing meaningful content


power of story telling

Writing can be be easy – but writing that meaningful content is defiant. And what defines meaningful content anyway??  By no means do I pretend what I write is meaningful, I would like to think so – but practice remains my quiet challenger.  I merely refer to “awesome” as an attempt of content-type that is meaningful in some way to a certain audience.

In a previous post “Want to be awesome? Engage and create your social media footprint”, I outlined the need:

  1. To managing your social media footprint – over 75% companies carrying research on a candidate’s social media profile in their hiring process.
  2. Creating a coherent image across all channels an inconsistent image will undermine your credibility
  3. Stand out by creating unique and ‘awesome’ content -> the goal is go viral so that the reader will self-share it without the need for extra marketing

This is the ultimate goal.  With an approx  of over 1.5 billion pieces (est. 2014) of content written in any single day:

Standing out is the first challenge; Being remembered is the second.


First, find your inspiration! Finding a continuous source of information is the first hurdle to tackle.  I find that to achieve this you must chose something you are doing on a daily, weekly basis and naturally (i.e not forced).  For example:

  • Following blogs, articles, or specific news clips you are subscribed to.  Read, Read, Read and then mix into your own view…..
  • Following post-graduate courses to fuel new content into your own life.  Following up on new trending subjects and how this mixes with other elements of your life…

Once you have found a way of fueling your content pipeline, the second phase is making it stand-out and be (hopefully) memorable.  The following is tips quick hit-list of some top elements to continuously integrate into your writing that I’ve picked up over time and that I am constantly playing with….


  1. Strong Compelling Headlines  – the attention is short – grab it within the first seconds
  2. Telling a story –  Since 27,000 years this has been our first method of communicating
  3. Experiment with media type  – media is constantly evolving. tex-only can be boring.
  4. Cutting the bull$hiT  – time is of the essence, be true and straight-to-the-point
  5. Actionable content –  can the reader apply to their life?


Finally, the media-type you use is critical!  Text only is a classic, but surely there are other ways to stand-out.  Personally in text-only blogs, I tend to skip-read and miss out on about 40-50% of the actual text (being honest here).  Bolding and highlights help to anchor my eyes to certain areas yes, but visuals grab my attention the best!

Certain studies showed that a student would only retain 10% of text-only studies, while those that included a mix of visual or verbal would increase this figure to 65%!  Your content being retained is a sure way to being remembered in the longer run. No?  Check the infographic below and see how much time you spend reading it!

Let’s not hide – it is a continuous process and there are no one-time wins. Time, practice, and hard-work will only get you there…. or not.  But you miss every shot you don’t take