A value proposition that changed the world


poster of diamonds are forever

Writing value propositions is the bread and butter of any sales person.  It is one of the quintessential tasks that you have to carry out, in any form of selling, be it consultative or simple.

And you have 2 ways to do this: either package something you already have OR build it out of nothing! The latter is what I want discuss – a value proposition that changed the world.

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve the way I can show value.  Be it through better presentation skills, public speaking, or storytelling.  With that in my mind, there’s always been one value proposition – simple – but that persists till today and has rocked (no pun intended) the world ever since.


A Diamond Lasts Forever!


A topic already written about and probably part of the marketing toolbox every student probably has read.  Yet one that deserves to be discussed as I find it terribly inspirational.

Setting the Scene

Prior to WW2 diamonds were said to account for only for about 10% of engagement rings.  They were seen as something only the rich could really afford.

Why spend a fortune on a single rock, that ultimately didn’t bring much ‘value’ to your life.  At times when you have other more pressing needs, like a house, car, vacation – sprinting 2 months wages for one small rock would seem ludicrous.

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Do you want to be Awesome? Engage and create your social media footprint


being awesome pictureTrying to being awesome and creating your social media footprint is now a must-do for today’s actors in a sales and marketing elusive industry.  Its no longer a trend or just the cool thing – it’s a necessity for surviving the tangled social web of sales.  What used to be attainable only for the elite or early adopters, in a matter of years has become an established standard.  To put in perspective, radio took 38 years to get achieve 50 million users. Facebook attained 200 million in less than one year!

We are a dime a dozen out there. Sprawling and kicking-about, each of us trying to grab the market’s attention (how many are even reading this post?? If I get 20 readers I’m delighted).  How do we distinguish one another?  One tactic is by engaging in social media Engagement Tactics and creating, what is refereed to as meaningful and “awesome content”.  It’s a must-do if you wish to support your sales teams by creating a recognizable brand and drive your sales objectives.  Mind you, all this can apply to both corporations and individuals – a personal brand being also considered a commodity that has its own unique value.

In front of an informed buyer with the power of information at his or her fingertips, today sales people are no longer truly in control of the sales cycle. They are at the whim of any web search….

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