4 tips to make your writing more memorable


impactful writing scoreThe thrill of taking a new project comes with the challenges of trial & error, persistence and research.  Recently I’ve embarked on the project of active writing and blogging, here and on my LinkedIn Pulse.  On this journey I’ve being doing quite a bit of research to pick up guides, tips, and frameworks to see what is considered ‘successful’.  One of them has been how to make my writing more impactful.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, but to make meaningful can be a real challenge. And so I wanted share 4 tips I’ve stumbled upon to make your writing more memorable and that I hope will help



1. Strong Compelling Headlines

People’s attention is relative short (shorter than that of a gold fish it is suggested). Compound this with the extreme amount of content that is distributed per second (consider 500 million tweets per day, thats 20.8 million per hour).  Standing out starts with a headline that grabs the attention within the first seconds.


Consider there following two variants and think which one you would ‘Click-On’

  1. Ideas I wanted to share on better writing
  2. 4 Tips to Make Your Writing more Impactful

->  Here’s a neat blog that has 33 tips for more ideas on framing better headlines

2. Telling a Story

In over 27,000 years, story telling has been the first method of communicating.  Story telling engages more than just listening – it sends you on a journey, invoking imagination, thought, visualizing, and emotion.  It can work the whole brain, therefore making the listener more engaged and inquisitive.  Check here for more info on the science of why storytelling is more meaningful for humans.

impact of storytelling

-> Heres a neat blog that has 7 tips of how to better frame your story

3. Experiment with Media (video | picture | audio)

Content does not always have to be via pure text.  In some studies, it was found that students would recall only 10% of text only information.  Mix of visual and text could increase this figure to 65%!!

Our brains are largely geared to reacting to visuals and colors – in fact a large portion of our brain is dedicated to this.  So it is only normal that we process this information faster than just reading.  We can process an image with simple objects in under 100 milliseconds.  As the old cliche goes “A picture is worth a 1000 words”….

  • Clean and attractive pictures will be the first part in gaining attention.
  • Info-graphics are a great way of combining text, information, data, in a visual manner.
  • Audio can be considered too..  Although I find that audio is more difficult to integrate into blogging content.

impact of visuals

4. Being Concise & Clear

The previous 3 tips can be easily practiced and researched (as given with the reference sites and blogs).  But how do you better frame the message of what you want to say?  Unfortunately all my research, there’s no easy way.  Practice daily or weekly at least.  Inspire yourself from good writer and pay attention to how they structure their writings…. and especially dont give up.

Theres too much content, too little time, too little focus for any extra ‘fat’ in your writing.  Add to that whatever language you write in, your audience will not always be native speakers.  Keep thing simple and easy to read will go a long way in terms of audience engagement.

Though that said, I’ve come to believe that there are 2 dimensions you can work on: