6 essential habits of successful people


Habits-of-Successful-PeopleWhat makes someone successful?  You can dig through heaps of reasons and excuses: money, fame, wealth, hard work, or even luck.    We see heaps of posts everday on the “one thing that successful people do” or the 3 habits successful practice everyday, and indeed each one mentions different posts.  So I decided rather than reading online posts by some groups, magazines or Business Insider, I decided to read a book about this topic – “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals”.  In his book Thomas C. Corley talks about 10 habits.  For ease I reduced this to the 6 essential habits of successful people.

Please note, that I am providing them worldly-views and what I consider is important- so back to how accurate is it, remains for you the reader to decide.  Although I’ve used a book which has been quite reputated and gone through at least a basis of research, I would still highly recommend you purchase your own copy.  It wouldn’t take more than a day or 2 to get through.


6 Essential Habits of Successful People…. by Nick H


I once read that a way to get more is to want less.  Food for thought.  I thought it very apt and indeed, Gratitude, is something I think that is very fundamental and something I, and hopefully im

Practicing a daily moment of stopping whatever you do, and give thanks for anything big or small.  This is, apparently, supposed to reduce stress, have a more positive outlook on life…. all of which when combined will make you more open to the opportunities that come to you, rather than chasing “the grass on the side”.  We all know – it only looks greener…..  The best opportunities come to us spontaneously and seemingly out of nowhere.

Set Goals – short / medium / longrichard bransom - successful people

Just sitting ride life wave can be a great way of ‘going with the flow’, but it also means you can end up
nowhere.  Creating some goals short (e.g. 1 month), medium (e.g. 1 year) and long term (e.g. 5 years) can be a great way of keeping some focus on where you want to go.

An example:

  • Short: Read 2 Books ; Save 10% of wage
  • Medium:  Attend one new course online; Save 2 months worth of living expenses
  • Long:  Buy an apartment ; Save 1 year worth of living expenses

Continuous self improvement

Invest in yourself is the most important recommendation that infamous investor Warren Buffet states.   That is spiritually, physically, and mentally.  Increasing knowledge, skills, abilities….. anything goes as long as its important to you.  Any of these will make you more rounded, more apt at dealing with the difficulties of life and keep your mind young and fresh.  It can also subsequently increase your market value on the job market.


Healthy body, Healthy mind.  Fundamental to having a well framed mind, calm, free of stress is to also have the physical envelop supporting it in a good shape.  Poor diet and no excerice leads to imbalances in hormones, immune system, ability to focus and much more, resulting in an inability to practice: Focus on Goals, Feeling of Content and Gratitude, Focus on learning and self-improvement, etc… etc…

Focus on at least 30 min of exercise per day at least 3 times a week is a good start to keep the body young and reactive.

Moderation & Good Habits

habits of successful peopleAbuse of any sorts will lead to the wrong paths.  Being well rounded and dealing with life’s difficulties comes from the ability of moderating self-deprecating and destructive habits we all can have.  Its easier to spend all your weekends drinking and watching TV after work… but what true value do they bring apart for letting time fly by.

Moderating some of the bad habits can be easily part of the short and medium goals we can set for ourselves.  Example:  Short – only watch 30min TV per day;  Medium – Loose 5 KG

Building relationships

Social networking and your relationship stock is vital as part of a healthy mind and body outlook.  Relationships will help you grow as a person, by having external influences bring feedback and also, support in times of need.  Surrounding yourself in positive relationships and continuously nurturing these is essential for a feeling of belonging and fulfillment inlife.  Not saying you have to the be party and have 600 friends.  Build meaningful relationships both personally and professionally will help you grow all facets of your, both at home and at work.


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